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Livemas Real Estate and constructions (LREC) commenced operation 2022 thriving through her trading sect ‘LivemasLink’ since 2020 as a real estate agent.

Today, LREC has conglomerate developers building residential houses in different locations for which we function as a marketing consult or contractor in some cases. We work with expert artisans very innovative and passionate about working hard and giving back to the community in big way!

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According to local real estate experts, Ghana’s property development market gained momentum, following the discovery of oil in 2007, boosting economic growth as well as the influx of non-resident Ghanaians and foreign homebuyers. In 2017, Cytonn a real estate company reported that Ghana’s real estate sector remains a sought-after asset class because of higher returns on investment of 18%, which is higher than the one-year Treasury note yield of 15%. This makes it the fastest growing sector and the most influential in achieving rapid economic growth in Ghana.

Currently, there has been an upsurge in demand for housing in the urban areas of the country, especially in Accra, Kumasi and Takoradi owing to the increasing number of migrants. These cities happen to be the most populous cities in the country hence the demand for either accommodation or office space for businesses.

According to the Ministry of Water Resource Works and Housing, there is an increasing deficit of about 2 million housing units as of 2019 in Ghana. To bridge the gap, between 190,000 and 200,000 units would need to be built at a cost of US$3.4bn a year over the next decade serving as a to burden to government.

The UN Report  has indicate that 300 million new homes will be needed by 2030, or roughly 21 million new homes per year, thus bringing global demand to nearly 100,000 new housing units each day. So housing shortfall is a global concern requiring significant attention by all stakeholders across board.

We mitigate partly in our special way via our mission statement and service catalogue, being passionate and concerned about the global call on this housing deficit.

Mission statement

To use proven technique for marketing, listing and selling of complete/uncompleted houses, homesites, undeveloped land, commercial and investment opportunities towards value creation for customers in Ghana and in diaspora.

Vision statement

We hope to Win, make, give and do good.

We want to win at what we do doing all we can to help our customers, subagents and developers build wealth in the real estate industry. We look forward to becoming a real estate developer offering relatively low cost residential homes across Ghana with our superior abilities.


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  • Relationship Building: The number one priority of this firm is its customers. Therefore, Livemas strives to work hand in hand with clients to meet their needs and expectations. We do not believe in one-off business transactions, but rather long-standing business relationships and referrals that are mutually beneficial, hence, we go extra mile to maintain business relations by ensuring that customers get the best service from us.
  • Integrity: We conduct ourselves in the highest ethical standards demonstrating honesty and fairness in every decision and action.
  • Agility and commitment: we execute expeditiously to address our clients’ needs.
  • Courage: We make decisions and act in the best interests of our clients even in the face of personal or professional adversity.
  • Respect and Trust: we treat our clients and each other with dignity and respect at all times.
  • Quality: The quality of our offers is our heartbeat. We therefore holds this value dearly at all engagements. Through teamwork and commitment to value, we strive to maintain quality in our service and offers.
  • Creativity/Innovation: The firm’s efficiency is borne of creativity and innovation whiles maintaining good quality standard. This philosophy cuts through to the work offered by our team of artisans.